Road Pricing for Regional Governments Across the U.S.

ECONorthwest specializes in modeling and evaluating efficient pricing mechanisms for transportation facilities, including congestion pricing, value pricing and high-occupancy toll (HOT) lanes. Our tolling models can incorporate the project owner's business rules, such as maximum toll levels and minimum speeds, and can be optimized for travelers' benefits, revenue production, or level-of-service maintenance. With appropriate data, ECONorthwest’s Toll Optimization Model (TOM) can perform planning- or investment-grade analyses. It simultaneously optimizes and solves for toll levels, volumes by vehicle class, revenues, and speeds, and reports out up to 150 related variables for each link of the modeled network. TOM is especially useful in partial pricing applications, such as managed lane projects, but it also can be applied to full (all-lane) pricing and HOV project evaluation.  

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